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A Very Special 50th Anniversary Montage

In this simple-but-elegant 50th anniversary montage, we take you through the life of this very special couple. From their meeting to their early lives, all the way until the present day, this montage was made uniquely with golden titles and eye-catching effects. Check it out!

Effects, themes, and graphics genius make these Maven Bar, Bat & B'nai Mitzvah montages Mitzvah montages stand out from most others. Call for info to see a full version of any of these snippets with their original soundtrack. 914-220-0050

The Montage Maven is a video production company specializing in creative photo montages made for all of life’s important events. From Bar/Bat Mitzvahs to weddings to anniversaries, our creative team is dedicated to providing an entertaining, personalized video for the focal point of your party.



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