As live streaming services become more popular and weather conditions cool across parts of the U.S.

Families celebrating special occasions like Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteens and Memorials are now adding live streaming to their event planning check-list. Live streaming allows guests the opportunity to view a live broadcast of an event off a website from their own computer.

Families celebrating special Wedding - Live Streaming Events

The Montage Maven, a leading video montage company based in Westchester County N.Y.

offers live streaming services to customers who are planning special events and want to make their special occasions accessible to family and friends who cannot travel for various reasons.

Creative director Jackie Marek says, “Our customers are putting so much time and effort into creating the perfect day, and they want to share their event with as many loved ones as possible. Setting up a live stream is a perfect way to share a special occasion or event with those who cannot attend in person.”

The Montage Maven’s live streaming

The Montage Maven’s live streaming technology makes it simple to live stream from any event. Their staff sets up a camera at the event and a videographer shoots throughout the party, capturing special moments. The event is then hosted on the Montage Maven website and can be shared onto an event’s website as well. The video is also recorded and can be viewed at a later date by all guests, family and friends.

“We are also seeing interest in live streaming at funerals and memorial services. When someone dies, not everyone can hop on a plane in 24-48 hours. A live stream at a memorial or funeral service is a nice way to broadcast this type of event so that everyone can be part of the service,” adds Jackie.

Live streaming has become more popular in recent months as winter sets in.

Due to poor weather conditions like snow storms which have become more common in recent seasons, online viewers are more inclined to stay home and watch all types of events through a live stream in the comfort of their home.

Social media has also become a big part of event sharing as brides and grooms are posting their live feeds on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

“I loved reading the kind and loving words from friends, family and co-workers who couldn’t attend our wedding or weren’t able to be added to our guest-list on Facebook. Their sweet well-wishes will always be documented and remembered,” says Nicole, a recent bride.

Elderly grandparents usually have the most challenging time attending milestone events, like their grandchildren’s graduations, award ceremonies or music concerts. Clients have inquired about setting up live streams for these occasions as well, and The Montage Maven team is always available to install live streams for families, as well as institutions like high schools, colleges, universities, churches and synagogues.

“We are enjoying technology today and how advanced it has become. Seeing our grandchild accept his college diploma online and watching this special moment live as it happened was such a thrill for us. We wish we could have attended in person, but we absolutely loved that this technology was available for us and felt like we were there with him,” says Betty, the grandmother of a recent grad. Of course there is nothing like experiencing an event in person, but with technology like live streaming, family and friends will never have to miss any special occasion again.

About The Montage Maven The Montage Maven, based in Purchase, NY, is a leading full-service video montage company serving the New York City metro area. The company provides an array of services, including live streaming video, video editing, sports portfolio highlights, film transfer to DVD or Blu-ray and media duplication and replication. For more information, go to:


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