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Photo Submission Form

Thank You for considering The Montage Maven!  We can’t wait to get started on your project!

Photos should be in an organized manner after they have been uploaded to Dropbox or a flash drive.

For an 8-10 minute montage, we recommend choosing approx. 140-160 photos.


Below is what we suggest.


1. Choose your best photos when possible-most images have a “dimension”. If you notice a photo is

   480 x 640 or small on your monitor, chances are you shouldn’t use it. Good quality photos should be in the thousands.


2. Arrange photos in each category - either in the order you want them to be seen in the montage, or in      

   chronological order.  It’s not necessary to write names of photos, just number them in their respective order.


3. Photos must be submitted in digital form. If you are unable to organize your photos digitally, feel free

    to call us for assistance. (We are happy to guide you through it for an additional cost)


4. Home Videos (if applicable) must also be submitted in digital form. Watch your video and write down the

    time code, as well as a description of the scenes you would like us to use. Please be clear as to which

    the section you would like your video to be displayed.


                                            Fill out Music Choices to coincide with your chosen categories.

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