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Augmented Reality invitations

Whats is AR - Augmented Reality? An augmentation of digital content with reality. Digital content can be video, audio, 3D animation, etc. The most well-known example was the game Pokemon Go. When people looked at the reality (their environment) through their phone, digital content (i.e. 3D graphic of Pikachu) popped up to blend in with the reality around them.

What does PictionAR do? We’ve developed our own technology to bridge the gap between physical print and digital content. Our main focus is with event invitations and greeting cards.

Once we create the Piction for you (This is what we call the entire AR experience), anyone who looks at the invitation (the print) through their phone will be able to see the digital content. In our case, this content will be your video (+Audio) and/or 3D animations. Almost as if it was glued to the print! You must try it once to better understand the experience.

PictionAR is a free app available on iOS and Android stores and requires no registration or payment.

Do you need to have special print in order to add Piction to it? No! The print is the same. We can "glue" any video to any existing print

Typical applications - Adding short video of the event host (Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Wedding, Party, etc.) to the invitation so people will be able not just to read the invite, but to also see the video in AR experience. Same goes for a “thank-you note” video after an event.

Where is my video stored? The video does not store in the app itself (This is one of our main features), but rather in our cloud servers (we use the same secure servers as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu). Anyone who "scans" the invite/logo with their phone will be able to see the digital content. So feel free to share the invite with any friends and family you have, both domestically and worldwide!

We offer a package which includes 1 month of invitation Piction before the event + another thank-you note/event slideshow for an additional month after the event. Both Pictions will be "glued" to the event logo.

We understand that it's hard to imagine the workflow without seeing it in action. Book a free demo today!



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