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Tribute Memorial Montage

We know how vital your treasured photos are, so at The Montage Maven, we take special care as we scan, transfer & transform them into a loving memorial heirloom. During this process, we will strive to improve the quality of any photo that needs the adjustment to color, density, or contrast correction to enhance the optimum viewing quality of the video. Your images will be brought to life through our expertise in sensitive editing, centering the focus on the deceased, and utilizing soft transitions and reflective mood scenes throughout the video.

Losing a loved one is never easy, but sharing your memories of them with others can be.


Many of us have experienced the loss of a loved one, and a memorial montage that honors their life helps ease the pain of their departure.

This video montage can be a touching tribute at a memorial service as well as a keepsake for other family members.

Video Memorial Montage & Funeral Video, Honoring the one you loved.

The Montage Maven can produce innovative and moving video memorial tributes, and funeral videos anywhere in the USA and Canada. We offer a fast turnaround if the situation arises. Video montage projection services and equipment rentals are also available.  The Montage Maven specializes in personal and biography video projects. We create lasting video memorial photo montages from photos, words, and music – we can also add voice-over or narration (yours or ours). We also film funeral services and eulogies & edit the footage – along with the photomontage, in turn, creating a very heartwarming tribute video.


What can you include in the video?

When a loved one passes, many people decide to create a video memorial to honor and remember them. As time is often short, we recommend using a series of personal photos with varied content, to convey and preserve their unique qualities.

Some ideas of media to include could be:

  • Photos & Slides

  • Old video footage: We can include video footage of the subject. Nothing brings a person back into your memories better than film – ideally with audio as well.

  • Video of family and friends remembering:  Some people will be writing and presenting eulogies. We try to take advantage of these reunions and have family and friends recite short recollections.

  • Voiceover: We suggest delegating this honor to one family member to present an overview of the person’s life at the service. This individual is often well placed to supply narration or voice-over for the visual elements of the video memorial. Sometimes it’s enough for the person to review the images and other visual material and then say a few words about them.

  • Captions: You may have more details on the occasion of the photos. If you do, include that as a caption. Look on the back for a description, and if it’s in the person’s handwriting, we can use it in the video.

  • Clippings and Memorabilia: Some people have been featured in newspapers or magazines or have kept scrapbooks of high school or college athletic or arts achievements. Some people have trophies and awards, or collections, we can include these articles through video as well.

  • Cards and Letters: Very often Grandparents accumulate cards and artwork from their grandchildren. These can also be included in the video memorial to show how loved and honored the person was in life.

  • Handwriting:  Sometimes old letters, drawings, or even shopping lists that meant something are left behind.

  • Poems and Sayings: Death, for all its pain, is a way to remind us of the larger lifelong message left behind. By collecting the sentiments of old poems or sayings that one used to say often, helps us keep them with us and in our hearts for years to come. These can be included as simple text screens or as text “crawls".


Final Video can be presented to you:

  • A Blu-ray/DVD box cover: Once you’ve committed to creating a stunning video memorial, you should have it packaged so that it is immediately identifiable and records the significant milestones of the person’s life. Family and friends will likely want a copy to keep, so it’s worth making the project recognizable.

  • Online – YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.: Many people choose to post their video memorial so that it is available at any time and from any computer for any friend or family member.

  • Flash File:  HD MP4 file on a flash drive for you to copy anywhere you wish

The Memorial Service Video Coverage

  • Videography – Videotaping the memorial service.  This option gives you a lasting memory of the service edited on Blu-ray, DVD, or an HD File.

  • Live Webcast – Memorial service and the optional graveside (if permitted) coverage live-streamed online. When a loved one passes, many family members and friends just can’t be there.  The live broadcast can provide closure and a sense of comfort to those watching live on the internet. Whether they live in another state or another country, they can see the service live.


Sorry for your loss

Death is life’s most significant challenge, but it is only in dying that we come to appreciate the real gift and miracle of life. We encourage people to use the emotion and energy that often develops, to create a fitting tribute to their loved one and make your video memorial genuinely memorable.


We are located just outside of White Plains New York, in Purchase NY, Westchester County. However, we provide our services nationwide.


Last-Minute Memorial Tribute Video

It is always a sensitive and difficult time when grieving the loss of a loved one. At The Montage Maven, we recognize this and do the best we can to celebrate the life of that loved one.


There are many things to keep in mind when putting together a last-minute tribute video montage:

  • Photos and video footage aren’t the only things you can include. In fact, diversifying content will make the tribute more entertaining for the funeral attendees, and allow you to personalize the memorial in unique ways.

  • Audio can also be a nice way to enhance your memorial video. You can set the slideshow to your loved one’s favorite song or even a recording of them playing music if they were so inclined. Another choice for audio could be to pre-record a narration of the deceased’s life from a family member, who could describe photos and memorabilia as they appear on the screen.

  • Moreover, this memorabilia can really be an excellent addition to the montage, where you can take high-quality photos or scans of diplomas, awards, poems, journal entries - anything that was important and reflective of your loved one’s life. These items can bring back sweet memories for many in attendance at the funeral.

  • You will also want to keep this short and sweet, as your audience can only appreciate a certain amount of media. You will start to lose that audience if it lingers on too long.


While we are based in the heart of Westchester County, NY, we work with clients all over the country. Thanks to advancements in media-sharing technologies, it is now very easy to deliver material from one end to the other. Our clients range from coast to coast, and no matter where you live, we can help you remember and celebrate the life of your loved one. We recognize that these moments in life are, indeed, sensitive ones, and we are here to make this process as easy as possible.

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