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Sports Portfolio Highlights and College Recruiting Video Montage


Impress your future alma mater with a sports reel that showcases your talents! Can you kick a football through the uprights from 50 yards away? Do your handles instill fear to the opposing defensive players and cross them up like Kyrie Irving? Can you hit long-distance home runs well beyond the fence? Let the creative team at The Montage Maven bring these untapped skills to life!

The Montage Maven’s College Recruiting Videos are specifically produced to keep the college coaches and faculty engaged. We sort through the best highlights and put together a reel that immediately catches the eye. It’s important to draw in the viewers from the jump!


The Montage Maven has over thirty years of experience in producing professional college recruiting videos with numerous clients. Some of them applied and were awarded D1 and D2 scholarships and monetary awards. With our long-lasting experience, we are proud that our college recruiting videos keep the college coaches engaged and connected.

We know what the college coaches want to see! We can produce the video of your footage you shot, or film it professionally with our field-production crew.


Our videos will help you with marketing the athlete to the college coaches. We produce college recruiting videos for high school athletes from coast to coast, for those in high school sports. Between the proper footage, athletic data and information, academic information, and even how long your high school highlight video should be, we know how to get it done. This is valuable information when submitting your college recruiting video highlight reel.

Go above and beyond to make this first impression the best you can!


While the media often portrays the idea that college coaches will come knocking at your door if you are a talented athlete, that just isn’t the reality for most of the students who get recruited! You need to take a proactive approach to email college coaches and distinguish yourself from the hundreds of videos they receive. 


Your initial emails to the coach should include a video link of your athletic abilities in competition. If you are in a team sport, coaches want to see game film, but most do not want an entire game. The Montage Maven can produce the right edited highlights for you to show off your abilities. Our experiences show that the majority of the coaches in the USA value video clips as a first step of the recruiting process.

Here are some important tips we follow when producing your sports highlight portfolio:

  • Most coaches want a video that is 3-8 minutes long. They receive numerous videos week after week, and the video is often the first step to getting a coach to come to see you play live. They rarely will watch more than the first 5 minutes, so make sure those first minutes start off with a bang and demonstrate your best competition footage.


  • We will show the action 15-30 seconds before and after the selected play. For sports that are constantly moving (lacrosse, soccer, field hockey, football), it’s important to show this, because the recruiters want to see how the play was set up, the impact of the decisions you made, and what you did after the play.


  • For team sports, we will show a large playing surface, especially for games like lacrosse, soccer, football, field hockey, and more. Even for indoor sports like volleyball and basketball, most coaches want to see your decision-making both on and off the ball. When the reel only shows the athlete up close, it provides a limited evaluation of their technical skills, versus showing more of their tactical decision-making. 


  • We will place a circle, arrow, or other animation to help the coaches identify you from your teammates. On the stats page, we will label the team’s color, the position being played, and the jersey number.


  • We will also include your contact information at the beginning and end. Include your name, high school/travel club, graduation year, and email address. Again, coaches get hundreds, if not thousands of videos in a span of a few weeks. Including this information will help a coach differentiate you from the others!


  • Differentiate yourself. We can set the video up to also have background music, but this is not required. 


  • We will mute the conversations in the video background. Coaches don’t want to hear parents on the sidelines!


We look forward to working with you!

Whether it's sports, performing arts, cheerleading competitions, art projects, musical concerts, acting, dance recitals, or anything else, we'll put together a video that shows colleges just what your child can do.

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