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Video Editing Post Production

Do you need your videos edited?

Digital video editing is performed in-house on Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro editing software to create a visually stunning video. Whether you need a video to celebrates a family milestone or any other occasion, The Montage Maven grants you access to the technology and provides you with a solution.

The Montage Maven enhances the liveliness of objects or people, thus drawing the eye to a main focal point. The result is broadcast-quality color and resolution that is true-to-life, if not better. All shooting and editing are done digitally to retain and enhance visual images before being compressed and uploaded to your required format.

Extensive video post-production facilities

Tweaking and tuning your video is part of what brings it all together. Audiences are drawn in by the big picture but then notice the details of production. It is those things they will remember and take with them. Our video post-production facilities are designed to offer you the advantage of working with equipment that can deliver the graphics and attention to detail that polish off your project.


Digital video editing, color correction, and various recording formats allow us to meet your needs as well as add the special components you’re looking for.  When you work with us, you’ll receive personalized attention as we work directly with you. As your production and 3D animation company, we’ll deliver an individualized video that is nothing like anyone has ever seen before.

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