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If you’re looking for a fun and creative keepsake photo montage for your event, look no further than The Montage Maven. Based in the Westchester area, The Montage Maven doesn’t just provide you with the basics – our photo montage company is here to help you with a variety of video and photo-related needs in the Tristate area. From crafting Mitzvahs to college portfolios, we will work with you to create the event video or film reel you desire.

Whether you’re looking for therapeutic photo services, a way to preserve old photos, or anything else in the world of photo, the Montage Maven has your back.

A digital format ensures that your photos will never age, wear down, or yellow. Once converted to digital format, these old photos can also be used in a rich, spruced up, and entertaining photo montage presentation

The Montage Maven can transfer your old 8 mm film to a Blu-ray or MP4 file in HD quality for your anniversary celebration, Bar Mitzvah, or another special event. Use our photo montage services to announce an engagement, make your big entrance, or tug at the heartstrings of your family and friends.


Aside from our professional-level photo montage service, we also provide some other photo video services for the Tristate area and our nationwide clients, including:

Creative video and photo montage services

Bar, Bat, B'nai, B'not Mitzvah Montage

Entrance Videos for Mitzvah Montage

Tribute Memorial Montage

Event Videography

Zoom and Live Stream Event Productions

Video Editing - Post Productions

Sports Portfolio Highlights

Tape Conversion to MP4, DVD or Blu-ray

​​Audio Tape Conversion

Old Film Transfer to MP4, DVD or Blu-ray

Slides and Photo Scanning

​​Digital File Format Conversion

And More...


Our entertainment media production services encompass both video and photo. Imagine a photo montage consisting of black and white photos, home videos from the ’80s, and old photos from your parents' or grandparents' collection, all presented in a media-rich format for the 50th anniversary. Our photo montage service pays careful attention to detail, making sure that every shot, image, and music clip we use, perfectly fits the mood of the event.

We take pride in the work we create, which is why we only staff the most experienced and conscientious individuals in their field. Our photo montage company is comprised of talented individuals with experience with all of our photo montage services. Every individual pays close attention to detail, be it for your college portfolio or birthday celebration because our goal is always to make sure that you, the client, is completely satisfied. Let the Montage Maven produce your next video for you!

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