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Matthew & Alexis's Wedding Engagement Video Montage. Congratulations!

We want to wish Matthew & Alexis a HUGE congratulations on their engagement! Their Chicago, IL, family, and friends can't wait to attend and celebrate their nuptials. Here's to many years of happiness!

We helped Matthew & Alexis transform their photos and videos into a beautiful Engagement photo montage with music and effects. A video clip that tells their story and impresses their friends and family.

With an engagement, the couple testifies to the mutual promise of their desire to marry. It does not matter whether the partners are the same sex or different sexes. The ritual of proposing is an ancient tradition practiced for several hundred years.

What is an Engagement Video?

An engagement video is a short clip that "tells" the story of their love. It can create a nice memento, a keepsake that shows the journey to this moment.

The engagement video should focus on the newlywed showing photos and videos of activities they love. The engagement video montage shows what they look like together, their personalities' sounds, movements, and ambiance. Some couples use engagement videos to announce their engagement or as a teaser for their wedding. In addition, The new couple can show the video at their wedding reception.



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