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The emergence of the Live Stream Mitzvah has become a popular trend in the past year.

With large crowds not being allowed to gather, those involved in mitzvah events have been forced to deviate from tradition. With this particular outlet, mitzvahs have been able to be conducted digitally and shown to the masses.

The Montage Maven was able to make this a reality with just a two-person crew; one to helm the cameras, and the other to handle the live streaming and being a Production Assistant. Proper mask-wearing and social distancing, allowed for both a safe and effective shoot. The ceremony consisted of Braden (the Bar Mitzvah) and his parents at center stage, if you will, along with select family members watching from behind. In just over an hour, the shoot was successful and joyous for those attending! The creative post-production team then took the footage and created a full version of the Live Stream Mitzvah.

The use of Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects helped to make the process easier and enhance the final product. An in-camera version of the event helped to create a clearer and crisper version of the videos, as it was shot in 4K quality. We thoroughly enjoyed helping the family make the Bar Mitzvah for Braden a special one! They were fantastic to work with and gracious with their time. We look forward to more events with the family, l’dor v’dor, and in-person Mitzvahs down the line!



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