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Zachary’s Construction & Thumbs-Up Themed Bar Mitzvah Montage

It's a buildup to the thumbs-up in this creative bar mitzvah montage for Zachary! With a blue and white color scheme infused throughout, the video is aesthetically interesting to the eye. It culminates to a unique thumbs-up finale, embracing his positivity and ending on a high note! Check it out!

Silver Package - light theme, color scheme, and logo infusion throughout. Client provides video materials.

Effects, themes, and graphics genius make these Maven Bar, Bat & B'nai Mitzvah montages Mitzvah montages stand out from most others. Call for info to see a full version of any of these snippets with their original soundtrack.


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The Montage Maven is a video production company specializing in creative photo montages made for all of life’s important events. From Bar/Bat Mitzvahs to weddings to anniversaries, our creative team is dedicated to providing an entertaining, personalized video for the focal point of your party.




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