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Rehearsal Dinner Slideshow services - Engagement Montage, How We Met Video Montage

Rehearsal Dinner - Engagement Montage

The rehearsal dinner is a more relaxed prelude to the wedding ceremony and festivities and is more intimate because it usually involves just the wedding party and family. But that’s precisely why it is a great time to show a video slideshow. Yes, we’ve all seen a wedding montage, but a rehearsal dinner video can be just as meaningful and fun.

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Montage


We helped Matthew, Alexis, and many others transform their photos and videos into a beautiful rehearsal dinner photo montage with music and effects. A video clip that tells their story and impresses their guests, friends, and family.


You are about to tie the knot in a magical spot, with a beautiful ceremony in front of your respective families. So what would be the best way for your loved ones to meet and mingle? That's right, a rehearsal dinner! It is an excellent opportunity for the bride and groom's families to get to know each other before your wedding day.


If you are a bridesmaid or a groomsman tasked with creating a rehearsal dinner video for your friend's wedding, you have arrived at the right place! We can help you create a rehearsal dinner video montage to make everyone smile.

The photo montage presentation during the rehearsal dinner is a tradition followed by almost every wedding. Usually, the best man or maid-of-honor puts one together for the couple. It's typically a very personal story-telling experience with the use of pictures and sometimes video clips. It's nice to include photos of the guests when possible. It will not just keep your audience entertained but also be a nice gesture showing them how they fit into the story. You can also use it to honor mothers, fathers, grandparents, the bridal party, and anyone who helped make the story come to be. It's also an excellent way of bringing your out-of-town guests up to speed about the couple. You can share how they met and how they bring joy into each other's lives. Don't make the mistake of putting this off until the last minute. 


What do we recommend including in the video? Childhood photos of the couple and their families, photos of the couple from their dating days, photos of the wedding invitation, photos of the proposal, and photos of the couple during their engagement period.


If you're planning an event and need a short video clip to commemorate this retirement, anniversary, or birthday celebration presentation, we can make it a reality. We'll take your videos and photos to create a one-of-a-kind video photo montage clip that tells a remarkable story. Each of our videos features a unique individual or couple who deserves an excellent video that shows off their unique aspects and entertains the guests.


Local and Nationwide Photo Montage Presentation Service

Whether located locally in Westchester, NY, in the thriving New York Tristate, or across the county, The Montage Maven can provide exemplary photo montage services. So how can we work with you from our Westchester-based video photo montage company? We can work with your digital photos and videos to make a video montage for you to display anywhere in the country or worldwide!

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