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In the midst of these strange times, many have been wondering what the best approach is to allow a Mitzvah to take place. Should it be postponed to next month? Next year? Or is there another way? Well, in comes the latest trend - Zoom Mitzvahs!


Whether on Zoom or an entirely different video conferencing platform (such as Google Hangout, Microsoft Teams, or other online options), Mitzvah ceremonies across the country have been shifting to a remote setting. Families and friends gather around, if you will, by joining the conference in the comfort of their own homes. The usual rituals are conducted by the Mitzvah in a remote setting, and anything additional that would otherwise occur in the party portion, such as the montage and shoutouts, are also displayed in this setting. With a crystal-clear, 4K camera at hand helping to enhance the viewing experience, as well as professional-grade microphones to crispen the audio, the possibilities remote viewing allow for are endless.


The events of the past year or so have forced The Montage Maven, and other entertainment companies in the New York Tri-State area & nationwide, to rethink how various festivities can be conducted and what is possible. Traditionally, events would be held in an expansive setting that allows for large crowds to gather and celebrate the particular occasion. In this era of COVID-19, however, social distancing and mask-wearing have disallowed such gatherings to take place, particularly in states with larger populations like New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Florida, to name a few.