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A custom song was written for this active young man.

With our editing team, we were able to follow lyrics and match to images the client wanted to highlight.

Custom Songs

Adding a Custom Song to your montage

Want to have your own, customized song in your video montage? We can do that! With the help of our creative team and our experienced and talented songwriter, we can compose your very own original song, catered to the content of your video. This service was provided for a recent client of ours, which you can see below. The editing team at The Montage Maven was able to seamlessly match the photos to the lyrics in the video, resulting in a one-of-a-kind composition -  not only auditory but visually as well!


What to Expect from a Custom Song

Your custom song will be an original piece of music, written and recorded just for you. Your photos will inspire the lyrics and the musical style, length, and mood are all customized to your preferences. 

By selecting The Montage Maven for your video montage, you are already guaranteed a visually stunning presentation. When you add a custom song, you create a real element of surprise at the event. This service is not widely available—so your guests will be talking about it for years to come!

Three Custom Song Packages

You can have a custom song play throughout all, or a portion of, your video montage. Three packages vary in production level and duration.

Basic Song: Piano & Vocal, Up to 4 Minutes

Total Song: Piano, Bass, Guitar Drums & Vocal, Up to 4 Minutes

Total Song Plus: Piano, Bass, Guitar, Drums & Vocal from 4-8 Minutes

Adding a Custom Song to Your Montage is Easy!

Our creative team will provide you with a worksheet that will easily inspire you to feed us the best content for your custom song lyrics. One of our accomplished songwriters will review the photos, and then set up a call with you to cover follow up questions and learn your hopes and dreams for the custom song!

Before recording the song, a member of The Montage Maven team will send you a draft of the lyrics for your review. After the lyrics are finalized, the song will be recorded and paired with your video montage!



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