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Jill's family Memories Video - 8mm Film Transfer to a digital file

The Montage Maven can preserve your precious memories to Digital File, DVD or a Blu-ray with our professional transfer services using our 100% digital process.

If you are searching for the best way to save your memories from the deterioration that occurs with time, our signature Transfer Service will more than satisfy your needs. Our trained technicians provide individual attention to every transfer that we receive. The Montage Maven not only will preserve your treasured memories, but many of our services enhance them using our proprietary technologies and the highest quality broadcast quality equipment available.

Our services are designed to take the guesswork out of the film and video conversion decisions. We have included everything you need for a truly professional transfer at one reasonable price.

Now is the time to gather all those old memories collecting dust in your attic and let The Montage Maven preserve them for future generations.


Here are sample videos of our 8mm film conversion:


Here is what the client had to say: 5 Stars on our Google review page!


Our HD scans are designed to capture every detail of what’s in a movie frame. Even if that movie frame image is larger than the traditional area, (outlined in the official SMPTE spec for 8mm and 16mm film projection and scanning) we can get that old frame to look much better. We do this because we believe your memories are important, and it’s a big project to get your movie film scanned. You only want to do it once. The only parts of the frame we crop out are the sprocket holes of the film. So even if you order a standard DVD from us, you will still get the benefit of our HD scanning — mainly if you view your DVD on a computer.



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