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Zoe Shrank's Bat Mitzvah Montage

Watch Zoe grow up in the blink of an eye in our exciting montage that blends home video and still images to create a dynamic, moving story! With its elegant, calm color palette and relevant, fun music, you will feel like you are alongside Zoe as she goes from her early years in Chevy Chase, Maryland, all the way to tennis matches and internships! Watch Zoe’s vibrant personality shine through our use of social media clips, popping effects and backgrounds, and real footage of life events and sports games—you’ll feel like you’re watching her from the stands yourself!


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The Montage Maven is a video production company based in Purchase, Westchester County, NY, specializing in creative photo montages made for all of life’s important events. From Bar/Bat Mitzvahs to weddings to anniversaries, our creative team is dedicated to providing an entertaining, personalized video for the focal point of your party. Beyond sharing great memories, our montages captivate large audiences through techniques such as dynamic photo movement and 2D animation.



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